The little things matter – 5 small things you can do to stay connected to your lover

little-things042017-small.jjpgSometimes marriage can become a grind. There, I said it.

You get wrapped up in your work and taking care of the kids. The dog poops on the floor, you have to run to baseball games, you have to figure out what’s for dinner. The house needs cleaned. There’s a birthday part to attend this weekend. You have to do your taxes, pay bills, wash the car.

Life is busy. Many times your relationship can get lost in the shuffle and people can begin to feel a little disconnected. If it goes on too long people will start to question whether the other person cares anymore. Continue reading “The little things matter – 5 small things you can do to stay connected to your lover”

There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way

happiness171417-smallEvery day we wake up and they say that we either wake up on the right side or wrong side of the bed.

There are many things that affect our happiness from getting enough sleep to the innumerable stresses in our modern lives. It’s amazing that we’re ever happy because we always seem to be working toward happiness in one way or another and never actually finding the happiness that we’re seeking.

Do we ever realize when we are truly happy or is it just a fleeting feeling that comes and goes?

Getting to happiness can actually be challenging. We’re always in pursuit and it’s hard to stop and realize when we’ve actually arrived. Continue reading “There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way”

Why vacation and time off is critical to your health

vacation170416-smallAustria grants it’s citizens a minimum vacation allowance of 35 paid vacation days per year. Many other citizens with long track records at a company or with highly stressful jobs can expect more time off.

So, not including weekends, Austrians get to enjoy over a month out of the year where they get paid and don’t do a damn thing.

The United States doesn’t have a minimum vacation requirement for it’s citizens. We do have 10 federal holidays that generally provide workers with a day off. But no paid time off is generally provided to all employees by law. Continue reading “Why vacation and time off is critical to your health”

The definitive guide to getting laid like a boss (in one easy step)


Men are always “in pursuit”. We want women.We love women. We’re always thinking about bedding women and what we’ll do to them when we get them there.

The pursuit portion of a relationship is constant and whether we realize it or not, we have opportunities at all times to work toward the bedroom instead of away from it.

Many men worry a lot about how they look, how they’re groomed, how they smell and how big their penis is. We focus on being “attractive” and “desirable” to our women so they’ll want to take us to bed. We buy them gifts, we take them to dinner and we provide for them. We try to touch them in the right way, talk to them in the right way and we try to give them everything they need so they stay with us.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re wired to do all these things so they’ll “want” us. We do all these things so our women will allow us between their legs where our deepest pleasures will finally be fulfilled.

How to get a woman to want you Continue reading “The definitive guide to getting laid like a boss (in one easy step)”

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Why Meditation is the gateway to improving your mental health


For many men, the words Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation are words that are reserved for girls. Real men don’t have time for, or can be caught worrying about things like Meditation. It’s all too “touchy, feely”, right?

I’m here to tell you that you’re dead wrong and that you need to hear me out. Continue reading “Why Meditation is the gateway to improving your mental health”

How a man can start to improve his body, his health and his image


Here’s a quick-start Man-ifesto to take your first steps forward in the “Body” category.

Have you ever thought: I need to make some improvements to my body and step up my image, but didn’t know where to begin? It can certainly be overwhelming to even pick a starting point. How do you begin without skimming off the surface and never having a big impact?

What’s the answer to successfully improving your body? Continue reading “How a man can start to improve his body, his health and his image”

The 3 Disciplines of Men


When a man has the ambition to improve himself, he might be overwhelmed about how to get his mind wrapped around where to start. This is why most people fail, they simply don’t know where to begin. Do I start with exercise? Do I start with my mind? Do I start with a focus on family? Do I start with the relationship with my wife? Is God or Buddha the answer? I can be difficult and overwhelming.

To help, we’ve developed what we call The 3 Disciplines of Men. Continue reading “The 3 Disciplines of Men”

How to ensure that you have the best sex of your life


For men, sex is one of the greatest joys in life. The pure bliss of lovemaking and getting intimate with the female body is something that simple can’t be matched by any other experience on earth.

We all work hard to achieve this experience. Harder than we do for any other experience in our life like like eating amazing food, vacations, time with friends and family and rare bucket list experiences. Getting to part the legs of our lover is the culmination of days, and often weeks of heavy pursuit.  Continue reading “How to ensure that you have the best sex of your life”

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How to learn to have an open-minded approach to problems


There has been many times where I become frustrated with my wife. She doesn’t seek out solutions to problems naturally. She’s more apt to suffer through it or just stress about it without looking for ways out.

For the longest time I thought that she might be a little lazy. At the worst times I thought that she just wasn’t able to find her way out. Continue reading “How to learn to have an open-minded approach to problems”

Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues


What does it mean to be a real man, a true man, a man of character? Benjamin Franklin had some very strong and concrete beliefs on this subject.

His 13 virtues stand the test of time and continually guide us on how to live the life we all want. We’ll be exploring these ‘virtues’ a lot going forward and likely expanding on each in turn. Continue reading “Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues”