Inner Engineering – The secret to life and happiness


I was reading the other day and came across the term “Inner Engineering” and I became attracted to what it could mean. Inner Engineering sounds like it could summarize a lot of what we’re trying to do on this website so I started researching what others were saying about this term.

It turns out that these two words have been commandeered online by an Indian guru named Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a yogi and supposed visionary, and founder of The Isha Foundation. He has created books and online courses and all manner of other tools and solutions to empower you to create the life you want.

Inner Engineering can help you create profound joy in your life if you just pay $150 and complete his 7 day training course. This simple course is designed to help us transcend suffering, train our mind, and become effective “creators of our lives”.  It will help us navigate our lives with ease.  It is a “method for life, a technology, a science—an inner science, based on ancient yogic sciences—for personal empowerment, inner peace and joy.”

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How to seek tranquility by doing less?


This is not your ordinary advice article. This is a story about someone who’s busy. He’s ambitious, passionate about life and actually happy. He just struggles to stay that way because he’s pulled in so many directions. Doing less is impossible, simply, impossible if happiness is the ultimate goal.

So what do we do if we can’t just ‘do less’? The things that we’re required to do and the things that we want to accomplish actually make us happy. They make us fulfilled. They make us a better person. But they tug at us constantly. They battle for our limited time. Is it possible to do less and still accomplish our goals? How do you find balance?

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The little things matter – 5 small things you can do to stay connected to your lover

little-things042017-small.jjpgSometimes marriage can become a grind. There, I said it.

You get wrapped up in your work and taking care of the kids. The dog poops on the floor, you have to run to baseball games, you have to figure out what’s for dinner. The house needs cleaned. There’s a birthday part to attend this weekend. You have to do your taxes, pay bills, wash the car.

Life is busy. Many times your relationship can get lost in the shuffle and people can begin to feel a little disconnected. If it goes on too long people will start to question whether the other person cares anymore. Continue reading “The little things matter – 5 small things you can do to stay connected to your lover”

The 3 Disciplines of Men


When a man has the ambition to improve himself, he might be overwhelmed about how to get his mind wrapped around where to start. This is why most people fail, they simply don’t know where to begin. Do I start with exercise? Do I start with my mind? Do I start with a focus on family? Do I start with the relationship with my wife? Is God or Buddha the answer? I can be difficult and overwhelming.

To help, we’ve developed what we call The 3 Disciplines of Men. Continue reading “The 3 Disciplines of Men”