A body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym


Exercise is essential but it will only get you so far

For most of my life I’ve worked under the idea that, to lose weight you had to exercise. When I was young I rode my bike, I used all the machines at the gym, I lifted free weights, I ran, I played sports, I did sit-ups, pushups and pull-ups. You name it, I did it and I looked pretty good for it.

As I got a little older and eventually got a full time job, kids and everything else that ends up filling your day as an adult I noticed that I needed to exercise even more. Eventually, exercise wasn’t enough. I just didn’t have the time to exercise as much as I needed to keep the weight off and it started to build up. Plus, I was doing a lot of exercise that I really didn’t enjoy. It simply wasn’t fun. It was work. Continue reading “A body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym”

The 7 lifestyle pillars of weight loss


I’ve been dieting for a long time. I’m embarrassed to say how long. I have had some success but it’s come at a cost and it hasn’t been sustainable.

The fact is that dieting equals pain. Period.

When you’re dieting, you’re doing something that isn’t enjoyable. You’re usually hungry. It’s a constant battle that will eventually be lost due to the pressures of your body and in your life. Continue reading “The 7 lifestyle pillars of weight loss”

How a man can start to improve his body, his health and his image


Here’s a quick-start Man-ifesto to take your first steps forward in the “Body” category.

Have you ever thought: I need to make some improvements to my body and step up my image, but didn’t know where to begin? It can certainly be overwhelming to even pick a starting point. How do you begin without skimming off the surface and never having a big impact?

What’s the answer to successfully improving your body? Continue reading “How a man can start to improve his body, his health and his image”

Want to lose weight? Work on your will power, not your body

Getting fit is tough. Getting started and sticking with it is even harder.

But when we actually have success, it’s one of the greatest joys there is. When you actively lose weight and begin to feel fit, it’s such a big feeling of accomplishment that it can rank up there with major milestones in your life.

I still remember the first time I really had to lose weight and I succeeded. I remember the compliments and how people noticed my progress. I remember my clothes fitting better. I remember feeling more confident in my own skin.

But then life sets in. There is always something lurking, waiting to derail your progress. ALWAYS. Every morning there are doughnuts at the office. Every evening there is food and beer calling after a stressful day. Every weekend there is a birthday party or some celebration that requires you to stay vigilant. Continue reading “Want to lose weight? Work on your will power, not your body”