How to pursue a woman and ensure that pursuit leads to great sex


When it comes to pursuit of sex, my wife says that I’m “aggressive”. That doesn’t mean that I’m rough or rude. That just means that I want what I want and I go for it. There is no grey area when it comes to the pursuit of sex with my wife.

It’s more than just grabbing her ass and asking for a blowjob though. There is a process and an art that works. Sometimes I do go over the line if I’m honest with groping and grabbing, but I can’t help it. I love to put my hands on my wife. She knows that I want her and that message is clear. Sometimes that annoys her because I’m a little too obvious and ‘hands on’. There’s really no mystery.  Continue reading “How to pursue a woman and ensure that pursuit leads to great sex”

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10 foundational ways to make a woman feel desired and loved


When I was in high school I had a hard time with girls. I’m not saying that I couldn’t talk to them or that they weren’t interested in me. I just didn’t know what girls wanted. Seriously, I thought it was best to be Mr. Polite when it came to girls. I thought girls wanted to have the upper hand and when they were interested or ready then they would make the first move.

This was a huge mistake.

I can almost guarantee that the course of my life was changed by the decisions that I made during those years. Yes, I ended up having girlfriends, but it was only because I met a few girls that were aggressive in their pursuit of me. One of those girls ended up being my wife. So I guess it all worked out ok. But these types of women are rare. Continue reading “10 foundational ways to make a woman feel desired and loved”

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10 of the hottest babes that you must follow on Instagram today


Here at Man.ifesto we love women. Actually, we don’t love women, we as men obsess about women. Women are like art. Women should be worshiped and adored. Women, are an extremely important part of our lives. We take women extremely seriously at every level.

In that spirit, we’ll tend to recommend a break in the serious pursuit of improving ourselves to just stop and enjoy the beauty of life. Women are beautiful and these 10 women have made the effort to share their beauty with the world on a regular basis.

Please enjoy these 10 new recommended beauties that you should follow on Instagram immediately. They won’t disappoint. Continue reading “10 of the hottest babes that you must follow on Instagram today”

The definitive guide to getting laid like a boss (in one easy step)


Men are always “in pursuit”. We want women.We love women. We’re always thinking about bedding women and what we’ll do to them when we get them there.

The pursuit portion of a relationship is constant and whether we realize it or not, we have opportunities at all times to work toward the bedroom instead of away from it.

Many men worry a lot about how they look, how they’re groomed, how they smell and how big their penis is. We focus on being “attractive” and “desirable” to our women so they’ll want to take us to bed. We buy them gifts, we take them to dinner and we provide for them. We try to touch them in the right way, talk to them in the right way and we try to give them everything they need so they stay with us.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re wired to do all these things so they’ll “want” us. We do all these things so our women will allow us between their legs where our deepest pleasures will finally be fulfilled.

How to get a woman to want you Continue reading “The definitive guide to getting laid like a boss (in one easy step)”

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How to ensure that you have the best sex of your life


For men, sex is one of the greatest joys in life. The pure bliss of lovemaking and getting intimate with the female body is something that simple can’t be matched by any other experience on earth.

We all work hard to achieve this experience. Harder than we do for any other experience in our life like like eating amazing food, vacations, time with friends and family and rare bucket list experiences. Getting to part the legs of our lover is the culmination of days, and often weeks of heavy pursuit.  Continue reading “How to ensure that you have the best sex of your life”

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