About Us

We are a company built by, and for, men. Our goal is to help men become better men. Our MAN.ifesto is to help men live an amazing life and ultimately become the best they can possibly be.

The topics we cover encompass the 3 disciplines of our MAN.ifesto: Mind, Body and Soul. There are many sub-topics within the 3 disciplines but you’ll find that everything that truly matters to a modern man will fall somewhere within.

Our advice is generally not geared toward men that want to be manly for the sake of projecting an image of outward facing machismo. Our goal is for you to find happiness and if you focus on outward facing “toughness”, you’ll likely not find happiness in your mind, in your body and in your soul.

Warning: The advice we provide can sometimes be frank and explicit. We don’t beat around the bush. We’re honest. If you’re easily offended, you might consider looking elsewhere for advice. For everyone else you’ll appreciate that we talk like men.

We know that men in the 21st century are busy. We have a lot of responsibilities and time is the most critical asset that we control. Therefore, our communication style is simple and concise. We want to give you information quickly so you can get on with living life to the fullest.

We talk explicitly about topics that matter to men like sex, women, relationships, mental and physical health, stress, anxiety, weight loss, pleasure, travel, spirituality, fantasies, physical performance, work, investments and emotions — just to name a few.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you return often to experience the journey that we’re on together.  Ultimately, our hope is that you can develop your own Man.ifesto through engaging with our company.