15 great reasons to obsessively manage your weight


Losing weight can be a huge challenge for most people. Even if you do lose weight, the real challenge comes with keeping it off. Staying lean and fit is easier if you have some reasons to be motivated other than just being thinner and getting to buy new jeans.

The following list contains the biggest motivators for staying fit. The next time you’re willing to eat those 3 creme sticks and that 500 calorie coffee, try to remember some of these reasons that might outweigh the enjoyment of that 1500 calorie meal.

You’ll feel less tense

When you’re fat, you’re not comfortable. I remember when I was overweight, I felt tense and uncomfortable all the time. I had a constant feeling of tension because I was always trying to hold my stomach in and cover myself up. I wore jeans that were too tight, my shirts were too snug around my stomach. I felt bloated and uncomfortable.

Feeling fit relieves all of these issues and you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin and clothes.

You will be more confident

When you’re fat, you’re not confident. Feeling fat makes you want to hide. It makes you self conscious. It makes you insecure. You constantly worry that people are looking at your fat and not you.

Confidence comes from feeling good about yourself. It comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin and doing all the things that make a good impression, not worrying about what people think of your waistline.

Your clothes will fit better

It sucks to put a shirt on and feel like it does nothing more than draw attention to your oversized gut and love handles. Feeling good in your own skin starts with the first layer and that’s your clothes. Plus, having clothes that fit you well figure into a whole list of reasons why you feel good and why people are attracted to you.

When you know you look good and your fashion is on target, you’re confident, comfortable, people will respect you more and you’ll put off a general vibe that you’ve got your shit together.

You won’t worry about what other people think

Worry and fretting about your weight takes up a lot of energy and brain space when you’re overweight. You’ll usually find that your mind is making up stories and fretting about what other people think of you instead of working on things that are more productive.

Instead of worrying that the woman you have your eye on thinks you’re fat, you can focus on attracting her. Instead of walking into a room and worrying that everyone is looking at your belly, you can make sure that they’re looking at your smile. Instead of having sex and worrying that your gut is rubbing against your woman, you can focus 100% on enjoying her and her body.

You’ll be less stressed and full of anxiety

I battle anxiety. The cause can’t be pinned to one specific thing. But the one thing I do know is that being overweight seriously figures into why I’ve felt stressed and full of anxiety in the past.

Feeling fat causes your brain to constantly churn on things that aren’t productive. It causes your brain to make up stories about who’s looking at you, what they’re thinking, what they might say about you and why they don’t like you or love you.

As mentioned previously, it also makes you feel tense and when you feel tense, all sorts of other issues start to spider out from that point including increased anxiety.

Your thoughts will be on more important things

When you feel fat you’re brain is constantly thinking about being fat. You worry about all the things that have been mentioned previously and your mind isn’t productive.

When you feel comfortable in your skin your mind will be focused on accomplishment in other areas. You’ll focus on your work instead of worrying what your co-workers think of you. You’ll focus on new business instead of worrying what your current clients think of your waistline. You’ll put your energy toward making your woman happy and satisfied instead of worry about all the reasons that she might leave you.

You’ll have higher energy

Here’s an experiment. Plan a hike this weekend and strap a medium sized child to your your back. Walk with him on your back for about 5 miles and see how you feel. (Yes, I’m being a smart ass)

This is what happens when you’re overweight. You are forced to carry around a lot of extra weight that you don’t need to carry. It’s like carrying around an extra person on your back which would be exhausting.

In addition to just carrying around the extra weight, your energy could also be influenced by lack of exercise as well as lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, body pains and all the factors that figure into being fit and healthy.

You’ll sleep better

When you’re overweight, there are many factors that affect your sleep. Just feeling comfortable in bed is a major factor. But there are many more things that affect your ability to get a good night sleep from eating too much before bed, eating foods that affect sleep, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

Here’s the big important thing to realize, when you’re low on sleep, it affects so many other areas of your life that ultimately affect your weight.

One of the most important things is your will power. When you’re tired, your will power goes way down. When you have low will power you’r more apt to overeat, eat the wrong foods, skip exercise and to feel more stressed. Sleep is critical to weight loss on more levels than you can imagine.

You’ll get respect and admiration and you’ll inspire others

When you’re fit, people will honestly admire you. You can obviously get second glances from people because you look good, but the type of admiration I’m talking about borders on jealousy.

You see, losing weight is difficult. When you learn to have willpower, people will admire you. When you can workout 3-4 days a week, people will respect you. When you can put in the time to get fit and have self control with what you’re eating, you’ll inspire your peers.

This is difficult work. The ‘looking good’ part is just a bonus. It’s the successes that you should really be enjoying. This is where people will honestly be jealous. Not because your gut is smaller, but because you’re a role model.

Your sex drive will go into overdrive

As mentioned, when you lose weight it affects many other parts of your life. You’ll have more energy, you’ll likely be eating better foods, you’ll be getting more restful sleep, you’ll generally be a happier person. All of this good mojo feeds your sex drive.

If you’re overweight it’s hard to exercise. When you don’t exercise your energy goes into the toilet. If you’re tired, you normally can’t get it up. If you’re fat and you can’t get it up, well, sex is likely not going to be in your future.

All kidding aside, losing weight spiders out into all aspects of your life. When life is good, so are the chances that you’ll want to hop under the sheets with your significant other more often.

You’ll enjoy sex more

Being fat makes you feel self conscious. Your mind is not in the moment. You’re thinking and worrying about what people think of you. You’re focused on your pants being too tight and how your gut looks through that tight shirt. When you’re fat, you don’t feel attractive, you get tense, you worry more than you enjoy.

So when you’re fat and naked, you’re not fully enjoying sex (if you end up having it at all). Your mind is on your belly. Your mind is worrying. Your mind is making up stories about what’s going on in your lovers head and not what’s in her mouth or vagina.

Losing weight will inevitably allow you to enjoy sex more. You will be focused on enjoying your woman. You’ll be more confident and in the moment.

Your overall mood will improve and reduce your chances for depression

I’ve been there. After helping to bring multiple kids into this world and to raise them into teenagers, after building a business for 10 years, and after being married for almost 20 years, I found myself deep in depression and overweight.

Here’s the thing too… I’m a pretty happy, energetic person. I love my kids and I am happily married. Yet, I was in a dark slump. All of this focus on everything but me left me fat and overweight.

I can honestly say, that when I started to lose weight I began to come out of it. Losing weight wasn’t the only thing that helped but it was the catalyst. Losing weight can help you improve your mood, simply because it affects so many things in your life in positive ways. When you feel like total shit on a daily basis, regardless of life’s blessings, you’ll likely end up on the path to depression.

You’ll lower your risk of cancer

Check this out. Do you want to avoid cancer as you get older? There’s no known cure, right? Think again.

Major studies confirm that being overweight or obese increases the risk of various cancers [5-8]. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that overweight and obesity are the most important known avoidable causes of cancer after tobacco [9].

One of the largest studies on excess weight and cancer to date looked at GP records of more than 5 million people and the 22 most common cancer sites. This single study found a link between weight and 10 different types of cancer, including bowel, kidney and cervical cancer [10].  Researchers estimate that overweight and obesity are behind around 18,000 cases of cancer each year in the UK [11].

Your overall health will be better

Maintaining a healthy weight can have a lot of positive effects. When you’re fit, the benefits begin to build up fast beyond even the specifics that we’ve mentioned already.

Having a lower BMI can help lowering bad LDL cholesterol, it can lower your blood pressure, it can even help with more direct physical ailments like knee and joint pain, as well as chronic back pain caused by lugging around all that extra weight.

You’ll live longer

This list should help you get motivated, but if nothing else here does, there is one big reason why you should be motivated to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Your life depends on it.

Losing fat and staying fit can reduce your blood pressure and protect your heart and kidneys. People that are fit are 50% less likely to have a heart attack. Diabetes can be reduced by over 60% in some studies. A lower weight can help with preventing angina, colon cancer, breast cancer and it can even help you maintain a healthy gallbladder — just to mention one random benefit.

In short, losing weight is critical to our overall health on so many levels that you almost can’t ignore it. You must make efforts to lose weight if you’re obese and we’re going to try and help you.

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