10 of the hottest babes that you must follow on Instagram today


Here at Man.ifesto we love women. Actually, we don’t love women, we as men obsess about women. Women are like art. Women should be worshiped and adored. Women, are an extremely important part of our lives. We take women extremely seriously at every level.

In that spirit, we’ll tend to recommend a break in the serious pursuit of improving ourselves to just stop and enjoy the beauty of life. Women are beautiful and these 10 women have made the effort to share their beauty with the world on a regular basis.

Please enjoy these 10 new recommended beauties that you should follow on Instagram immediately. They won’t disappoint.

Devin Brugman

Devin is all about fashion, swimsuits and, well, she has an amazing asset in her breasts and you’ll clearly see. Her photos are very classic and the skin is limited to what you can see with a bathing suit. But she’s a beauty that can’t be ignored, even if she’s not shooting for an erotic vibe in her photos.


Sarah Underwood

Sarah is an all around amazing sight to enjoy. Her photos can tend to be on the erotic side and she has been blessed by God in every department as you’ll see. But her photos are very unique in that she tries to show off her body along with the extreme beauty of nature. The photography without her in it would be amazing by itself. The fact that she’s in the photos and wearing next to nothing most of the time creates an images that are the best of both worlds!


Kristin Abasham

If you love eyes and if you love breasts, oh yea, and an amazing smile then Kristin is right up your alley. Her photos don’t stray too far from close-ups and selfies. But she does get creative in fun and artistic ways from time to time. Regardless, the images she produces are fun to look at!


Ekaterina Zueva

Ekateriana has an amazing name. Plus she’s a Yoga Lover. This alone should be enough to love her. But her photos are extremely sensual and erotic. She has the perfect body, amazing hair, amazing eyes… she’s every man’s wet dream and bet she can kick your ass on top of it all. Enjoy!


Rosie Roff

After working as a main model for Apple Bottom Jeans UK, Roff received interest from American companies. She has worked for magazines such as Maxim and FHM, including cover and worldwide editions. In 2011, she was voted by FHM as one of the world’s top “100 sexiest women in the world”.


Jaylene Cook

What can we say about Jaylene other than she loves to swim and scuba dive, she lives in New Zealand and loves to be active… and she loves to show off her body. Similar to Sarah Underwood, her photography is gorgeous and focused on animals and nature. Her amazing face and erotic figure only enhance the landscapes.


Natalie Gauvreau

Sexy Nat G as she’s called is one hot blonde. You’d think we were a little biased to brunettes by the look of our list here. But Natalie fits right in and just enhances our lineup. Nat’s feed is hot, fun and highly varied — with emphasis on hot. Even some of her more simple photos of her face we can stare at for hours. Since her face is not the first thing you notice, that’s saying something!


Juli Annee

What can we say about Juli Annee. She simply has the most perfect body in the world. Period. When God made women, he was always working toward the perfection of Juli. Her feed is simply amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. If you don’t take our advice on following any of the beauties on this page, take our advice on this one. You won’t be disappointed.


Nicky Gile

Nicky is beach babe with a booty to die for. Enough said.


Sierra Aaskyee

Sierra Aaskyee is a true beauty. She was actually the very first person that we ever followed on Instagram. It’s very possible that she has the most perfect breasts in the world. We’re not sure if they’re real or not but who cares. Sierra has a look in a lot of her photos that says ‘you want me, but you can’t have me’. It’s lovely and painful at the same time. If you’re into torture and pleasure at the same time, check out Sierra.


Did you enjoy this post? Do you think it’s a good idea to simply look at and enjoy women’s bodies for no other reason than pure enjoyment and lust? Is it an important part of a full life or is it just wasted energy? Please post your comments below and lets discuss!

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