There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way

happiness171417-smallEvery day we wake up and they say that we either wake up on the right side or wrong side of the bed.

There are many things that affect our happiness from getting enough sleep to the innumerable stresses in our modern lives. It’s amazing that we’re ever happy because we always seem to be working toward happiness in one way or another and never actually finding the happiness that we’re seeking.

Do we ever realize when we are truly happy or is it just a fleeting feeling that comes and goes?

Getting to happiness can actually be challenging. We’re always in pursuit and it’s hard to stop and realize when we’ve actually arrived.

How do you realize true happiness? How do you actually enjoy the benefits of all the we work for? How do we break free from the day to day pursuit and arrive?

The way is to learn to be present. We have to learn to be in the moment when good things happen — and honestly, good things happen all the time. When you’re living in the moment you’ve arrived. You are no longer on the journey to something different. You’ve arrived at the moment you were pursuing and you have to honestly be aware that you’ve made it and take it all in.


That could be a moment when you’re sitting with your family and everyone is laughing.

That could be a moment when you’re with your lady and you feel her warm skin against yours.

That could be a moment at work when you just landing that big deal that will bring you the financial rewards that remove stress.

That could be the moment you wake up in the morning and feel the cool, soft sheets against your skin and you have nowhere to be.

That could be the moment when you’ve completed a long, hard workout and your drenched in sweat and feeling incredibly accomplished.

If you don’t stop, you’ll miss the happiness. You have to learn to be happy and that happiness is THE WAY to be all the time. There are countless things during the day that bring you happiness. Even on a “bad day” you can probably count more good things than bad and to be thankful for the good things in your life. To live in happiness instead of in constant pursuit of the happiness that you think is just over the horizon.

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There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way

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