The definitive guide to getting laid like a boss (in one easy step)


Men are always “in pursuit”. We want women.We love women. We’re always thinking about bedding women and what we’ll do to them when we get them there.

The pursuit portion of a relationship is constant and whether we realize it or not, we have opportunities at all times to work toward the bedroom instead of away from it.

Many men worry a lot about how they look, how they’re groomed, how they smell and how big their penis is. We focus on being “attractive” and “desirable” to our women so they’ll want to take us to bed. We buy them gifts, we take them to dinner and we provide for them. We try to touch them in the right way, talk to them in the right way and we try to give them everything they need so they stay with us.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re wired to do all these things so they’ll “want” us. We do all these things so our women will allow us between their legs where our deepest pleasures will finally be fulfilled.

How to get a woman to want you


But we men can be stupid, ignorant creatures at times. There are many women who want men based on how they look and what they can provide. It’s easy to think that most women think the same way as men do. But that’s not the case.

As the popular book states, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and this is about as true as any book title that has ever been written.

Women don’t want the same things as men. Of course, most women enjoy sex. They love and need a lot of the same physical things that men need. But women are wired differently.

This is the secret that men need to learn and follow through on every day. Go ahead and look good for your woman. Get in shape. Dress sharply, smell great, buy her gifts and provide for her every need. But in the end, this will not ensure that your woman sleeps in your bed. It’s a cold hard truth that women are wired differently then men.

Even if you succeed and your woman comes to your bed, she may not be fully present with you and happy. Eventually, she’ll leave if you don’t give her what she needs.

The one simple thing you need to know


The secret is to make sure that your woman feels an emotional connection with you.

Women are extremely emotional creatures. They crave strong bonds. They crave men who show them that they are emotionally committed. It’s carved into their DNA on a deep level and no amount of hair gel, expensive clothing or fancy cologne will guarantee that a woman will want you.

For men, sex is about the feeling, the erotic exploration, the dominance of another person, the pleasure and the physical connection. It’s more about squeezing and touching and feeling close to a woman. It’s about her allowing you to be that close. It’s more about the physical intimacy and ultimately the fact that a woman ALLOWS us between her legs. It’s exciting. It’s an accomplishment. It’s hot, wet and erotic and amazing.


But for most women, this is all secondary to them in the sexual experience. They need to feel like they’ve connected with them emotionally and that the man is committed to them. They want to feel like sex is sealing a long string of events where they’ve felt loved and cared for. They want pleasure and the orgasm to be the cherry on top of the sundae that came after a long pursuit of loving, touching, talking, caring and bonding.

Do women like to get fucked? Sure. There are always times where sex should just be fun and all about physical pleasure and the excitement that results. But, the fucking and the physical is always secondary for women.

What’s the secret?


Pursue your woman and make her honestly feel loved.

Pursue her by caring for her. Talk to her about things that she cares about.

Be emotionally present for your woman.

Talk with her about her problems and her dreams and LISTEN. Don’t give advice and try to solve her problems.

Focus on the little things like calling her for no reason. Text her randomly in the middle of the day. Leave her a handwritten note on her pillow on a Tuesday morning.

Talk with her about her problems and her dreams and LISTEN. Don’t give advice.

Hold her hand and touch her arm in passing.

Run a bath for her.

Make the bed.

Clean the toilet.

Make her laugh.

Cook her dinner.

Tell her she’s beautiful with no agenda.

This is how you get laid and guarantee that it’s going to be some of the best, most connected, most amazing sex you’ve ever had. If your woman is connected with you emotionally and bonded, the rest doesn’t matter. If you smell and look great, it will only add to her experience but that’s not what’s going to get you between her legs to begin with.

It’s simple. If you can honestly connect with the mind and the emotional core of your woman, you’ll have no problem connecting with her in all the other wild, wet and wonderful ways that you, as a man desire.

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