How a man can start to improve his body, his health and his image


Here’s a quick-start Man-ifesto to take your first steps forward in the “Body” category.

Have you ever thought: I need to make some improvements to my body and step up my image, but didn’t know where to begin? It can certainly be overwhelming to even pick a starting point. How do you begin without skimming off the surface and never having a big impact?

What’s the answer to successfully improving your body?

The answer is that you need to make a master list of categories where you need to improve and then cut that down to 3 actionable items that you can realistically tackle in a set period of time. If you try to tackle everything at once you’ll likely fail.

Here is a starter list for your consideration:

  • Overall health
  • Weight loss
  • More active Fun
  • More exercise
  • We want to look fit and attractive for our ladies.
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Eating well, but eating healthy
  • Reducing beer and alcohol
  • Grooming
  • Improved fashion
  • Physical performance and energy
  • Dealing with vanity while looking good
  • More/better sleep
  • Skincare/Sun Protection
  • Improved dental hygiene, whiter teeth
  • Strength/Core
  • Larger muscles
  • More stamina
  • More/Better sex
  • Being a better lover

For example, you might choose to lose weight, get a fashionable haircut and sleep more. Set a period of 6 weeks and a deadline. From there, see how you do.

Again, you should only pick a maximum of three items from you list at a time. You might complete some and still be working on others. That’s ok. Just keep your list of items limited to three at all times. That way you won’t get overwhelmed and you’ll have some focus.

How to get started on your body and have quick wins

As suggested you’ve selected to lose weight, get a haircut and you’ve promised to try and get more sleep.

1. Start with the haircut. You can research a style that you’d like to try and get it done this weekend.

2. Tonight, decide to go to bed a little earlier. If you have trouble sleeping, do some research about how supplements and drugs can help. Do this tonight.

Tip: Try melatonin.

3. Lastly, tackle the project of losing weight. We talk a lot about losing and managing your weight on this site and we realize that it’s not easy. But the way to start is to just begin. Stop making excuses today.

How to ensure that you’re successful

Don’t set super ambitious goals. Keep it simple. Keep it manageable. Start tonight by eating a little less and a little more healthy. You will fail. Make a pact with yourself that it’s ok. Have empathy for yourself because it’s hard. Just be resolute to get back on the horse the next day and keep trying.

Note: This is where a strong mind can help and why it is the most important aspect of personal improvement. It figures into how successful you’ll be at everything.

It may obvious what you need to do to be fulfilled, but with everything else, it’s rarely ever that easy. It’s not simple. It takes work and a commitment to be better.

Bonus tip to get you started on the right foot:

Tip: Stop eating and drinking sugar. This will have a huge impact immediately! Guaranteed. Sugar permeates the American diet but making simple changes can make a huge impact in your weight and your health.

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