The 3 Disciplines of Men


When a man has the ambition to improve himself, he might be overwhelmed about how to get his mind wrapped around where to start. This is why most people fail, they simply don’t know where to begin. Do I start with exercise? Do I start with my mind? Do I start with a focus on family? Do I start with the relationship with my wife? Is God or Buddha the answer? I can be difficult and overwhelming.

To help, we’ve developed what we call The 3 Disciplines of Men.

The goal of the 3 disciplines is to simplify everything that modern men should care about into 3 broad categories. Then, once we’ve done that you can narrow down your approach and choose 3 specific areas of focus.

When you’re starting a big project you really have to break it down to simple, actionable nuggets and you have to quit talking, thinking, delaying, debating and just start. The 3 disciplines are designed to help you do just that.

There are countless areas and sub-topics that men need to focus on so you simply have to simplify it down and make a decision about where to start.

The 3 Disciplines are:


The following is a quick introduction to the 3 disciplines to help you get your head wrapped around how you might begin to tackle each one.

The Man’s Mind:


If you ask a woman, they’ll likely say that a man’s mind is rather simple. We think about sex, food and sleep in that order. As we all know, it’s much more complicated than that.

Men are emotional creatures. We have a lot of anxieties and demands on our time. We struggle with our identities, we worry about our relationships and we obsess over how to engage with women.

A man’s mind is complicated. Yes, we obsess over sex. We love to eat. But we have many of the same fears, anxieties, dreams and aspirations that women do. We might not show them on our sleeves like women do, but they’re right there under the surface.

  • We worry about feeling loved
  • We have anxiety about our decisions and making mistakes
  • We worry about keeping a lover and what they think of us in bed
  • We want to be righteous, effective, organized, educated, positive, focused
  • We want to be liked by our peers
  • We want to be stoic and hedonistic
  • We struggle with vulnerability
  • We’re neurotic
  • We want to have hobbies, passions, experiences
  • We strive to grow, learn, experience life and to become emotionally secure
  • We want to be a great father, a great lover, a great son, a great friend
  • We desperately want to be a badass on many levels

In the end, a man needs to master his own mind if he’s going to master the other 2 disciplines.

You have to understand yourself and control your mind before you can tackle anything else on your list and in your life. Without a strong mind you’ll be lost.

So, to confirm, if you want to improve ANYTHING in your life, you start with your mind. Our goal is to help you do this.

A Man’s Body:


So this is where sex, food and sleep enter the picture. Yes, it didn’t take long, I know. But when we’re talking about topics related to a man’s body we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the topic of sex and the other topics that we enjoy.

But contrary to popular belief we’re not sex machines with no other interests. A man’s body is just as complicated as his mind and there is a lot to deal with if your ambition is to control and improve your body. We’ll talk in-depth about sex, food and sleep on this blog but what are some of the other aspects that we should be concerned about?

  • We worry about our health.
  • We usually want to lose weight.
  • We want to have fun. A lot of fun. But feel guilty about the consequences.
  • We stress about fitting exercise into our lives.
  • We want to look fit and attractive for our ladies.
  • Vitamins and supplements and nutrition are a mystery to us.
  • We love food but many of us struggle with eating the right foods.
  • Men love beer. How does alcohol fit into our lives? Can it?
  • Grooming can be a challenge for many.
  • Fashion. We can be fashion challenged.
  • We struggle with physical performance and energy.
  • How do we balance wanting to look good with vanity?
  • We rarely ever get enough sleep. We all need more sleep.

The body is a complicated system. Dealing with all of the concerns listed above is a tall order, but none of these things can be accomplished without master of mind first.

The soul of a man:


When we talk about a man’s soul, we’re not necessarily talking about saving his soul all the time. Religion and spirituality are certainly a part of our lives, but if a man is to be fulfilled, he needs to feed his soul beyond the spiritual realm.

So what makes up “the soul” of a man and makes him whole?

  • We all need friends and relationships.
  • Starting a family and being a father can be highly rewarding.
  • Learning to be a moral man and how to be a good citizen is essential to being human and a good man.
  • Becoming an individual is a key piece of the puzzle. Learning to know what it means to be creative, to have hobbies, to learn to be good at something, to work toward mastery of our lives.
  • Our work is highly fulfilling. Most men spend more time at work than at home and in bed most of the time. It’s a critical element of who we are.
  • Fun. We all need fun in our lives. How do we nurture our souls through fun and enjoyable experiences.
  • As John Lennon said “All you need is love”… this is certainly a core aspect of our soul. Learning to love and be fulfilled in a relationship is critical to our happiness and fulfillment for most people on earth.
  • Spirituality. There are over 4200 different religions in the world. 1/3 of the world’s population is Christian alone. It’s obvious that spirituality is an important part of the human experience and a key element of a man’s life on earth.

Becoming fulfilled and continually nurturing our soul is the third discipline and it can be one of the hardest because these are all things that take time. It’s also hard because we can’t become fulfilled without simultaneously mastering our minds and bodies.

Essentially we have to make time in our lives for everything that we’ve mentioned herein. If we’re being honest, our ultimate challenge as men is to master time. If we can’t learn to use our time wisely, we’ll fail. It’s not listed, but the ultimately discipline is masterly of the time we have on earth.

This is why many people are not fulfilled in life, they simply don’t make the time. When they do attempt to feed their souls they’re not going about it the right way. They’re not truly loving, they’re going through the motions of their spirituality and they’re not taking the time necessary to feed their soul with fun, hobbies, friends and family.

Once we have it spelled out, it seems obvious what you need to do to be fulfilled, but with everything else, it’s rarely ever that easy. It’s not simple. It takes work and a commitment to be better. 

In a nutshell, this is what this site is about. This is your Man-ifesto. How you do that is the mission of this website and our company. We want to walk side by side with you and help you continually COMMIT TO BE BETTER and provide you with concrete ways to succeed.





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