Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues


What does it mean to be a real man, a true man, a man of character? Benjamin Franklin had some very strong and concrete beliefs on this subject.

His 13 virtues stand the test of time and continually guide us on how to live the life we all want. We’ll be exploring these ‘virtues’ a lot going forward and likely expanding on each in turn.

For now here is a list of his 13 virtues for you to ponder.

  1. Temperance.
  2. Silence.
  3. Order.
  4. Resolution.
  5. Frugality.
  6. Industry.
  7. Sincerity.
  8. Justice.
  9. Moderation.
  10. Cleanliness.
  11. Tranquillity.
  12. Chastity.
  13. Humility.


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