What’s the downside of sleeping in? Plenty.

Sometimes you hit the nail on the head and time things just right when you sleep in. You’ll feel rested and refreshed, but for some reason that’s rarely the case.

Have you ever slept too much and felt really foggy and tired as a result? Maybe you woke up early and felt energized but it wasn’t quite time to get up. So you lay there. You eventually doze off 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. The result is a groggy, foggy head for the rest of the morning.

A better practice is to buckle down and try to stay on a schedule. Even if you go to bed too late. Get up the next day during the same timeframe.

Even if you drink too much the night before and you stayed out until 3:00am. Get up ad drink a Bloody Mary and enjoy some silence before your day starts.

Maybe you just couldn’t turn your mind off even though your body is exhausted. Get up on time and address those nagging thoughts head on.

Maybe your lover kept you up until all hours of the night having amazing sex in every room of the house! (We wish) 

Even if you THINK you need more sleep and you’re exhausted. Get up at the same time. Every. Day.

Whatever the reason, staying on a schedule and getting up during the same window of time every day will ultimately help you fall asleep faster and sleep better the next night.

Like many things it’s a challenge. But you should feel confident that the short term pains will turn into long term gains as you fall asleep faster and end up feeling more rested and full of energy in the long run.

Sometimes you won’t be able to do it. IT’S OK. Just sleep if you really need it. Just get back to it the next day and keep trying to stick to a schedule.

Your Manifesto:

In general, don’t be lazy. Realize that getting up at a set time every day is a good thing.

If you find yourself laying in bed and not sleeping, get up.

Remind yourself that you’ll go to sleep faster and you’ll feel more rested tomorrow if you’re on a schedule.

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